The Next Wave


Over 21 years ago, an unknown Canadian skater and website publisher embarked on a journey that still reverberates to this day. Drawing initial inspiration from the Skategeezer Homepage, Warwick Books first published The Concrete Wave in 1999. The book chronicled skateboarding’s most significant names, brands and stories up until the Fall of 1998. Just three months after the book was published, Tony Hawk landed the 900.

Through skateboarding’s peaks and valleys this book has stood the test of time as a catalyst for igniting the same level
of stoke that began burning in the late 1950’s.

The book has spawned a considerable amount of projects. From a 52 part TV series, to the Dogtown and Z Boy movies to the internationally renowned Concrete Wave Magazine. The book also became an international best seller with over 43,000 copies sold.

To those unfamiliar with the original book, the legends inside speak for themselves. Rodney Mullen kicks things off with
a foreword while the likes of Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta and Tony Hawk take the time to immortalize their accounts of

With the support of skateboarding’s most fabled photographers and artists, Concrete Wave is just as much a piece of art
as it is a time capsule to the many eras of skateboarding that have paved the path for the future.

In publishing this book, it is my intent to shine a light on the tales of skateboarding’s history from 1999-2020, in a 20th Anniversary tribute to the past and a celebration of the future. This is The Next Wave.

Featuring exclusives from:

Michael Brooke, Former Publisher, Concrete Wave Magazine

Rob Meronek, Co-Founder, The Boardr

Sam McGuire, Photographer

Josh Katz, Content Creator, Youtube

Jamie Owens, Editor in Chief, Transworld Skateboarding

Ian Michna, Founder, Jenkem Magazine

Andy Schrock, Owner, Revive Skateboards, Force Wheels and 3Block SB

Ryan Clements, Co-Founder, The Boardr

Aaron Kyro, Owner, Braille Skateboarding

Steve Lake, Founder, Sector 9

Steve Rodriguez, Founder, 5Boro Skateboards

Kevin Marks, Owner, Look Back Library

Brendan Spohn, Owner, The Secret Tape

Rob Brink, Writer

Valeria Kechichian, Co-Founder, Longboard Girls Crew

Ralph D’Amato, Former Producer, Neversoft

Yana Farrally-Plourde, Director of Product & Marketing, Triple 8

Don Brown, SVP of Marketing, Sole Technologies

Jason Guadalajara, Founder, Footprint Insoles and Footwear

Josh Stewart, Filmmaker / Founder, Theories of Atlantis

Gregg Chapman, Founder, Chapman Skateboards

Nate Schumacher, Marketing Manager / Key Acct. Sales, Landyachtz

Neftalie Williams, Skateboarding Ambassador / Board Member, Collegiate Skateboarding Educational Foundation

Soy Panday, Co-Founder / Graphic Designer, Magenta Skateboards

Chad Bowers, Founder, Quasi Skateboards

Fred van Schie, Founder, FvS Media

Richie Jackson, Professional Skateboarder

Dave Bachinsky, Professional Skateboarder

Lacey Baker, Professional Skateboarder

Greg Lutzka, Professional Skateboarder

Andrew Durso, Photographer, Roll Dawgs Zine

Per Welinder, Partner, Welinder Shi Capital

Stephen Oliveira, Photographer

Michael Ien Cohen, Director, Humanity Stoked / Founder, Foundation

Jenn Soto, Professional Skateboarder

Mariah Duran, Professional Skateboarder

Vanessa Torres, Professional Skateboarder

Chris Cole, Professional Skateboarder

Sewa Kroetkov, Professional Skateboarder

Jeff Jewett, President, CA Productions

Chris Nieratko, Writer / Owner, NJ Skateshop

Kevin Dunlap, Co-Founder, DVS Skateboarding

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Professional Skateboarder

Paul Rodriguez, Professional Skateboarder

Jason Celaya, Founder, Welcome Skateboards

Coming 2020.